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Accessing Annotation Classes in a Feature Class

Question asked by dalejs on Jun 9, 2016

Thanks for looking at my question.  I have several SDE Feature Classes that are set up with Annotation Classes, Subtypes, Feature Extents, etc.  I need to re-create these and I want to do it in code, instead of by going and doing one at a time.


I have a form where I can select enter a new Feature Class name, and I can create a new Feature Class.  Now what I want to is to copy all of the Feature Class Properties from an existing Feature Class into this new feature class during this process.


I am trying to get access to all of the properties, mainly the Annotation Classes and the Expressions that they contain.


I have went through IAnnotateLayerPropertiesCollection, IAnnotateLayerProperites, IAnnoClass, anything that was related to Annotation Properties.


My questions are:  can this be done in code, and I am looking at the correct interfaces to do it.


Thank you for your time.  Dale,