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work with GPserver on a selection from a feature layer

Question asked by clemini on Jun 13, 2016

Hello everybody,


I have an issue I don't know how to fix. I'm new with the ArcGIS API for JS and with ArcGIS generally.


I have a feature layer with points, provided by a Mapserver.


I would like to :

- select some points on the feature layer (it's ok !)

- then save the selection in a variable (an array Graphic[] I guess ? But is it possible ?)

- add a new point on a map and store it in the variable with the previous selection (I know how to add a point to a map)

- the goal is to have a global selection (existing points and the new point) in a variable that I could reuse to make geotreatments on it (with GPserver and NAserver).


I can't publish Featureserver and I can't work on the server. That's why it seems to me complicated. Maybe I'm wrong ? Do you have please any solution ?


Thank you in advance !