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Data Driven Pages: Multiple Shapes in Groups

Question asked by darrochkaye on Jun 3, 2016
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Hello all,


I've used DDP many times and they are great, however I want to use them in a different way for a current project and I'm stumped.


I have 28 individual polygon features, which I have grouped into 14 groups. I say "grouped"; I have a field called TA_GROUP which has group names.


I want the DDP to index on the groups, not the individual features. When I try to create DDP with the Groups as the index attribute, I get the full 28 maps, instead of the 14 groups.


The TA_GROUP field is in a text file which I've joined to the main dataset, but I don't see this being the issue. As such, I don't want to dissolve the dataset as it is used elsewhere, hence why I did the join instead of adding a field to the dataset. I also don't want to create a copy the dataset solely for this purpose as that increasesversion control and storage space issues.


Does anyone have any ideas how DDP can index multiple features based on a common attribute, without fundamentally altering the dataset?