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Issue with graphics not being visible in multiple graphics layers

Question asked by jkressin on Jun 2, 2016
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I have a pretty solid JavaScript mapping application that I wrote several years ago.  It is currently using the 3.3 api.  I am moving forward in updating this to 3.16 so that we can get around issues we have been having lately with newer versions of IE.


One big problem I am seeing moving to the latest API is how graphics and graphics layers are being handled.  I have a few different graphics layers for the different functionality in the application.  Adding new graphics to these layers does not produce any errors, but is not displayed.  Looking at the objects behind the scenes, the graphics are being added to the correct layers and everything is flagged as visible.


Trying different APIs, this problem appears to start happening at 3.11.


Does anyone have any ideas on what changed that would affect how graphics are displayed?


Thanks for any advice you can provide!






(Here is my original app that works correctly at 3.3:  Kenosha County Interactive Mapping )