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LayerListWidget on mobile

Question asked by consodata2 on Jun 1, 2016

Hello all,

im looking to editing mobile sample at the following address.


Attribute editing - mobile | ArcGIS API for JavaScript


Tried to custom that, adding LayerList legend , on new page opening after a button press.

Code for legend widget page is:



<data-role="page" id="ui-control-layer-dialog">

<div data-role="header">



<div class="ui-content">

<div id="control-layer-div" class="legend-container"></div>

<a href="#ui-map-page" data-role="button" class="ui-btn">Close</a>




.... and code for layer list is ...after adding feature layer[appGlobals.citizenRequestLayer]);




var llWidget = new LayerList({






"feature layer citizen",







it works, but after opening page i can see two check boxes overlapped ... the top most doesnt work (if cheeck or uncheck nothing change) and the oter check box work but is under first and i cant work on that.


Any suggestion for that ?

Thanks in advance