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Duplicate App Error and Create New App Error

Question asked by THayes on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by THayes

I am using Web App Builder Developer Edition 2.0. I have created 12 apps, using the Local Layer Widget. They run good locally. I use the Firefox Browser.


But, when I open the WAB DE 2.0 and try to Duplicate App I get the attached error message. I also cannot create a new app. All was working good until now. I cannot figure what went wrong, 2 days ago it was working great, now I launch it and get this problem.


I have read this thread about this same problem, Duplicate app functionality is failing  but it is a bit old and was wondering if anyone found a solution yet?

My app names do not have spaces. I know I can zip and import my apps after a reinstall of the WAB DE 2.0 from scratch, but I am hoping I do not have to do this as the problem will likely occur again?