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ArcGIS javascript api with JQuery mobile : would like to add Header with Navbar and Panels and Panel beneath Header but to do this I have to run some Jquery Mobile script to adjust panel height & position - having trouble mising Requirejs with JqueryMoble

Question asked by AnastasiaAourik on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by rscheitlin

this CODE works fine on a page with just Jquery mobile but with my ARCGIS JAVASCRIPT API AND REQUIRE JS, I don't know where to put this function and how to mix Jquery mobile with require js HELP


$(document).on("pagecreate", "#index", function(e) {
  var activePage = this;
alert("in page create");
  $("#myMapLayers").one("panelbeforeopen", function() {
    var screen = $.mobile.getScreenHeight(),
      header = $(".ui-header", activePage).hasClass("ui-header-fixed") ? $(".ui-header", activePage).outerHeight() - 1 : $(".ui-header", activePage).outerHeight(),
      footer = $(".ui-footer", activePage).hasClass("ui-footer-fixed") ? $(".ui-footer", activePage).outerHeight() - 1 : $(".ui-footer", activePage).outerHeight(),
      panelheight = screen - header - footer;
      'top': header,
      'min-height': panelheight



how do I write this and where when I have requirejs


Sorry, I am a real NEWBY!