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Related tables and offline use in Collector. How to setup?

Question asked by Sveinung on May 21, 2016
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I try to setup a feature service for offline use with collector for arcgis.
I want to make an inspection table that I can edit in the field.

The table and the feature service has to attributes that I want to use for the relationship. These two attributes are maintained outside this database.

I use ArcGIS server 10.4 and Sql-server express 2012.

From this blogpost: Related Tables – Exploring New Ways to use Collector for ArcGIS | ArcGIS Blog

and this help page: Prepare data for offline use—Documentation | ArcGIS for Server

it seems that you have to use globalID in the relationship to get it work off line. But if I have a feature class with GlobalID and a table with a globalID and make a relationship between those to GlobalID, I will not get any matching records! Thats logical and I have tested it in ArcMap. Iam able to make new rows in the related table, but there is no matches afterwards.
So my question is:

How do I establish this join/relation? For me, it seems logical to use GlobalID in the featureclass to something else in the table. But what? I tried to make a ordinary text field. That did not work. I found this topic tonight:

ArcGIS collector and related table - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange

That suggest to use a GUID-field in the table. Is that the solution?