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We have domains going many years back, and we discovered several domains that were user-created rather than administrator created.  The problem is that the person who owns the domain has been gone for years, and the Oracle account does not exist anymore.  I assumed I could recreate the user account, login as that user, and then delete the domain. 

Unfortunately, this has not worked.  I am getting a schema lock error as below.  The CS_DBLANKINSHIP is the new user that was created in Oracle.  Unfortunately, the domain owner shows as lowercase as 'cs_dblankinship'.  It seems like when I try to delete or modify the domain it is seeing my new user as different from the old because one is uppercase and one is lower?  You don't have a choice in Oracle to create a user with a name in lowercase, so I can't force the new user to look identical to the old one.  I can't delete or update the domain because I am not seen as the owner when I login.  I can't update the GDB_ITEMS table because it is in XML format.  Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?



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The method described in Re-order Attribute Domain Values  will allow you to edit the xml domain definition in [GDB_ITEMS]

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Unfortunately I am in an Oracle environment and it is not quite that easy.  From my investigation it looks like the actual XML is in a BLOB field, which is turned into readable XML (using some SDE function under the hood) in the GDB_ITEMS_VW.  In the XML_DOC_1 table (stores domain info) the BLOB field XML_DOC is also translated into readable XML in the XML_DOC_VAL field, but the XML_DOC is the field that needs to be updated, and you cannot easily do that.  I have tried editing the XML_DOC_VAL field in my test database, and it has no effect on what domain owner shows in ArcCatalog.

ESRI really needs a tool to update the owner for situations like this.  Unfortunately it is still a NEW/DEVELOPMENT level idea for them.  Probably be awhile before it is implemented..

Following Enhancement has been logged earlier
with respect to this issue.The status is New and the Development team is
looking into it.

Enhancement Request: Provide ability to update/change domain owner.