Editor Widget with JS Viewer

Discussion created by drewgis on Dec 3, 2010
I've managed to create a web app that allows users to edit features.  It works well, but I really want to add some useful functionality.  I've worked through the JS Viewer example, and created a basic widget, but have had no luck making a editor widget...widget work.  That's not really surprising, since I'm a JS newb.

My question is, is it possible to add editing functionality to the JS Viewer?  I like the tools, layer selection ability, etc.  I'd just like to add the ability to edit to that functionality.  OR, I'd like to add some of those tools to an existing editable web app.

Am I making any sense?  I'd appreciate any guidance I can get.  I'm not looking to do anything really fancy, or even change the look of the JS Viewer app, I'd just like to add editing capabilities.