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AttributeInspector custom field layout or custom HTML form for editing attributes

Question asked by brambow on May 18, 2016
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I am currently using the AttributeInspector widget for editing the attributes of a feature service, but I am not thrilled with the layout of the fields.  From what I can tell with the AttributeInspector, all fields display in a single column and there is no way to rearrange them.  If there is a way to control the layout of the AttributeInspector, please let me know.




I'd like a nicer looking edit form, where I have control over the size of the field input element and can place two or more fields next to each other horizontally on a row.  Something more like:



I would probably use Bootstrap to design a form, but I'm not sure how to bind the form inputs to the fields of the feature service.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated!