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Error returned from using CREATE_TOOL_AUTOCOMPLETE

Question asked by nilsbabel on May 12, 2016

Has anyone noticed an error from the editor widget when using Editor.CREATE_TOOL_AUTOCOMPLETE?  I'm using the editor widget with v3.15 to create polygons.  I can use Editor.CREATE_TOOL_POLYGON with no errors.  When I use the autocomplete tool it looks like it works fine.  It creates the polygon correctly.  But I get this error in the console:



When the widget creates the new polygon with autocomplete it briefly selects the polygon you are connecting to.  Then it completes the new polygon and selects it.  Then it produces the error.  The polygon seems to be created correctly.  Correct geometry and attributes. But I don't really like putting up error messages in the console that I can't track down.  Anyone else notice this or know what might be causing it?