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Displaying Nested Related Records

Question asked by DHatcher-esristaff Employee on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by wspiking

I have a feature class with nested related records like so: FeatureClass-->Table1-->Table2.  If I click on a feature and select 'show related records' I'll get an attribute table tab with results from Table1.  If I then select a record from that Table 1 tab and try to show related records the option is always disabled (greyed out).  If I open attributes for Table1 via the layer list however this will work correctly for the same record (ie. I can select that record in the tab and then choose 'show related records' and get a tab for Table2 with any records related to the selected item in Table1).


This seems to definitely be a bug.  Any ideas on how to get around this or get it fixed?