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Creating Streets from existing 3d polyline data

Question asked by MGLA__NZ on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by MGLA__NZ

When importing 3d polylines into City Engine from ArcGIS 10.4, how do you retain the 3d geometry of the polyline so that when a shape creation rule (such as simple streets) is applied, the road follows its original design curves (vertical and horizontal) - as defined in the original GIS layer.  When I import a 3d polyline, the vertical curves/alignment reset to the ground plane (y=0).   I am trying to import 3d centrelines of road from ArcGIS in order to generate roads from the original design (as opposed to aligning with a terrain surface).  Align to terrain is set to off in the create new street settings.  Any suggestions?


Difficult to show clearly but the attached images show the 3d alignment screenshot from ArcScene and the flattened version screenshot from CE from the same relative position (not the CE JPG has no elevation).