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Is there any esri functions dealing with converting images to JSON objects?

Question asked by on May 11, 2016

We got a school project in which we are to join some info in the infoTemplate when hovering or clicking on a Point Of Interest (POI). I got some help when searching in the community thread with the function below:

function getContent(graphic){ 

          var Content = "<b>City Name:  </b>" + graphic.attributes.areaname + "<br> <b>Population:  </b>" + graphic.attributes.pop2000 + "<br>";  

          var Hyperlink = '<img src="" alt="man i bilen" height="42" width="42"></img>'


          return Content + Hyperlink; 


I have two issues to deal with:

-Create a loop which is going to go through my JSON file.

-Convert images to JSON objects

Is there anyone to help me?