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Extract Data Task Tool

Question asked by Casey_Ragain on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by AKobah-esristaff

I'm having trouble modifying the Extract Data Task modelbuilder for a geoprocessing service I'm trying to publish.


I've successfully published a GP service without modifying the spatial reference parameter, but now I would like to expose some custom projections in the spatial reference parameter and I'm having trouble with the modelbuilder finding said projections.


The problem is defining the custom spatial reference folder. I've gone through the ESRI workflow/documentation setting up the folder, populating the desired projection files in it, and then exposing those projections under the model parameters form in the spatial reference parameter of the Extract Data Task tool.



1. How to connect to the custom spatial reference folder?


2. How to populate the spatial reference parameter when referencing the custom spatial reference folder?


Has anyone done this successfully, or have a successful work flow documented that they would like to share?


Thanks for the help!