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Discussion created by Playa on May 8, 2016
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I'm creating a single feature class that will represent environmental areas within my study area. The environmental feature class is made up multiple feature classes that was merged, then union-ed . Each of the feature classes that were merged can contain a field "TYPE_RIV", "TYPE_WET", "TYPE_CBA", "TYPE_PROTECT".


What I'm trying to achieve is a better way of populating a new field "TYPE" that will concatenate the TYPE field (i.e. "TYPE_RIV", "TYPE_WET" etc.) values automatically based on the input environmental feature classes as this can differ from study area to study area. In other words in some cases there will be "TYPE_RIV", "TYPE_WET" and other cases there will be "TYPE_RIV", "TYPE_WET", "TYPE_CBA" lastly "TYPE_RIV", "TYPE_WET", "TYPE_CBA", "TYPE_PROTECT"


Once I've merged and union-ed the input feature classes, I'd like to identify the "TYPE_*" fields and concatenate the field fields into the new "TYPE" fields as per below:



End Result Required:



Current Code Block to Populate "TYPE" field


I can easily get the "TYPE_*" fields using s a list fields search, but how can an automatically populate the "TYPE" field concatenating the fields correctly based on the fields within the list as the if statements are hard coded and not sure how to get around the following.