Creating a rectangle

Discussion created by landarch870 on May 8, 2016
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Hi all--


I am trying to create a rectangle in ArcGIS Pro (the application) and totally failing.  I hesitate to ask here because I know the instructions are online, but please understand that I have been sitting here for two hours reading the instructions, trying and failing, rereading, etc etc in a continuous cycle.  All I'm trying to do is clip a bunch of really, really big shapefiles to a rectangle that I have to make.  I've opened the create features tab under edit, but it's empty.  I don't understand the relationship between feature classes and features.  Perhaps I'm wrong but this whole process seems so convoluted that I am just shaking with frustration.  If someone could kindly give me a step by step on how to create a rectangle and make it into a layer (I have the clip part under control) it would be so, so appreciated.  Thank you so very much for your help, understanding, and patience with an idiot.