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Why is Add Index grayed out?

Question asked by huffmanp on May 6, 2016
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I just loaded some NHD line feature classes and an EROM table into a Enterprise Geodatabase based on 10.3.1,  SQL Server 2012, and was going to make a join, but got the warning that there was no index built for the join attribute.  Went to my data owner connection in ArcCatalog 10.3.1, right click > properties>Indexes to add the index to the feature class, but found that add index is greyed out.  I saw that there is already an index for OBJECTID and an auto grid spatial index,  but can't figure out how I can add a new index.  Add Index is also grayed out with my sa and my sde connection.


The heck of it is that I did this a couple months ago at a different 10.3.1, SQL Server, ArcServer installation. I did a Remote Desktop via VPN to this other location,  inspected the properties of the same feature class with ArcCatalog, and saw that I had already built this index for this installation, and Add Index is not grayed out.  The Join is still working at this remote installation.


What did I forget to build on this current installation that is preventing me from adding my Index.