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WAB App Development Cycle/Practices (Dev/Stage/Production)

Question asked by straatvark on May 6, 2016
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(I use WAB 1.3)


What is the 'best practice' in terms of WAB Application Life Cycle - we do development work for a client that would receive the 'product' once completed.


Our current process are:


My question/problem are related to moving the WAB apps to a different AGOL account/url. I want to point the finished WAB app to use the 'production' version of the web map on a different AGOL account. The problem is that my WAB apps are not listed if WAB runs against the production AGOL account. How do I changes this? - I can see the settings and relationship(s) between app and portal url are stored in the '~arcgis-web-appbuilder-1.3\server\db\apps' file, but I cant edit that manually/with a text editor.


Any advice please. It would have been great to have this as an option in WAB.