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forceGfxRenderer:'canvas' = No Click Events on Graphics Layers

Question asked by pat.numainville on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by jcraw62

Has anyone else run into a 'click' event issues on ArcGIS JS API v3.14 to v3.16 when using Canvas rendering?


var dojoConfig = {




It seems that esri.css contains a style preventing events from being processed by canvas GraphicsLayers when forceGfxRenderer is set to 'canvas'


.map .esriMapContainer .esriMapLayers > div {

  pointer-events: none;



ArcGIS Canvas Graphics Layer Click Issue - JSFiddle

- Fiddle demonstrating the problem. console message would be logged if click was intercepted..


We have worked around it now that we found this issue but this is the reason in case anyone else runs into this