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Examine checkbox using LayerList widget for layer visibility

Question asked by lorieme on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by lorieme

I want to identify only those layers that have been toggled on and ignore those layers that have been toggled off in my web app.  I am using the LayerList widget that sets up the checkboxes behind the scenes.  I have tried three different approaches.


My first two efforts (see the attached .gif documents):

1.  using jquery

2.  using the function called updateLayerVisibility(), where ".esriCheckbox" is the class name I obtained from the LayerList.css when I downloaded it from the LayerList widget web page.


3.  Lastly, I tried using the updateLayerVisibility() function, by somehow accessing:

myWidget.layers.visibility==true.  Essentially, I was trying to check the visibility option on each layer that I set up in the LayerList widget to see if it had changed after the layer was toggled on or off in my web app.

     a.  var inputs = query("#layerListDiv");


Here's my LayerList:



Here's my layerListDiv:

<div data-role="panel" id="ui-settings-panel" data-theme="a" data-position="right" data-display="overlay" data-position-fixed="true" style="overflow:scroll">

   <ul data-role="listview">

     <li id="layerListDiv"></li>