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Topo to Raster: Interpolated cell is not matching real cell value

Question asked by nvanoort on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by slynch-esristaff


I am in the process of creating geologic formation surfaces (both top, and bottom) using the tool, "Topo to Raster". My "Primary type of input data" is set to "Spot", and I am choosing "NO_ENFORCE" on "Drainage enforcement"... Also, I have a snap grid for my study so everything is lined up perfectly.


I am using point data from wells that have bottom and top formation depths as my input (Type= Point Elevation) to interpolate a bottom and top surface as a raster.  When I create my top surface, my interpolated values do not match my real top surface cell values... the same for the bottom surface.  I then subtract my bottom surface from my top surface to create a thickness using "Raster Calculator"... but for some reason the thickness value that is calculated does not equal that of my real thickness value that is known in many cases.


For example: I have a point data for a well that has a top depth of 946, and a bottom depth of 211 (the real thickness = 735).   My interpolated value for the same well for the top depth is 949, and a bottom depth of 203 (interpolated thickness= 746).


Has anyone else run into this issue? Why is it that my interpolated values do not match my real measured values that are my main input in "Topo to Raster"?


Thanks for your help!