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Make XY event layer based on excel spreadsheet, result event layer doesn't show anything on the map

Question asked by lucy2700 on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by kenbuja

Hello everyone,



I use MS access firstly build a query to format the excel data with lat lon fields and 32377 records and create a table and then export the table as excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) file.


After opening this exported spreadsheet in excel, I save it as .csv file.


Part of data shows as follows:









P100006WEST675W NORTH AVEMELROSE PARK6016041.90832-87.842221
P100006WEST3906GEORGINA LNBELLWOOD6010441.87987-87.881732
P100099SOUTH281COMMONS DRCHICAGO RIDGE6041541.71708-87.783313
P100099SOUTH8450S HARLEM AVEBRIDGEVIEW6045541.73791-87.799314
P100099SOUTH11800SOUTHWEST HWYPALOS HEIGHTS6046341.67812-87.813115
P100106SOUTH3060W 127TH STBLUE ISLAND6040641.66244-87.696326
P100106SOUTH17680KEDZIE AVEHAZEL CREST6042941.56843-87.694417
P100106SOUTH17780KEDZIE AVEHAZEL CREST6042941.56843-87.694418


Then I open it in ArcGIS, use Make XY event layer tool to create a point event layer, use GCS_WGS_1984 geographic coordinate system, when the message shows completed, however, only one point shows on the map (should show 32377 points totally) and only one related record in the attribute table.


I've tried export table from MS access to .dbf format, same situation.


Does anyone encounter similar situation and know how to solve this problem? Please help!