CAD to GIS Workflow

Discussion created by guyturner on Apr 17, 2016
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Simple & Quick method I currently use to bulk Georeference large amounts of CAD. Just thought I'd share..


  1. Georeference a DWG in ArcMap with the georeference Tool
  2. Rectify the DWG file with a .wld file
  3. Locate the .wld file in Windows Finder
  4. Make several copies
  5. Rename each .wld copy for each desired DWG file in the same folder

          Bulk rename [ Highlight DWG file < F2 < Ctrl+C < ESC < Highlight WLD file < Ctrl+V < ESC ]

  6. Refresh the Catalog Menu in ArcMap

  7. Drag the dwg's into the Map


Questions, comments and other ideas appreciated.