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Map Startup Issue - Mouse Graphics and Functionality not working and Layer doesn't load

Question asked by craigpatterson on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by craigpatterson

I'm writing a stand alone ArcGIS Javascript API application that's behaving strangely when it initially loads. It contains three map services but when it starts, only two of them load. Another symptom is that the default mouse behavior isn't working either. If I click and hold down the left mouse button, the Hand icon appears and I can pan the map as expected. However, if I hold down the shift key and the left mouse and draw a rectangle, the default graphic doesn't render (showing the rectangle I've drug) nor does the map zoom in to the new extent. I have added a Draw Object, defined the renderer, but that doesn't work either when I activate the Draw Object.


However, when I click the Zoom In button, (the + in the top left corner), the map zooms in, the missing layer is drawn, and the mouse graphics start working.


Has anyone seen this behavior before? If so, any suggestions on where to start on debugging it? I'm not seeing any error messages in the web browser console, it it doesn't seem to matter if I change the map service. It acts the same.


Thanks for any help!