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Adding features to local geodatabase id of new feature = -1 on iOS and Android

Question asked by Shane_Feirer on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2016 by Shane_Feirer

I have built a custom version of the quick report app with the ability to store and add features offline.  It works perfectly on windows using appstudio player from within qt creator.  However when I use the appstudio player on either iOS and Android the features are not created and therefor there is nothing to sync.  I think that the app is creating the geodatabase correctly, but when I add the feature to the local geodatabase the new feature id reported by the addFeature method on the geodatabase says that the id is -1.  The path that I am defining to the local geodatabase is "~/ArcGIS/Runtime/Data/PigTest.geodatabase".  Should I be storing the local geodatabase in a different location? Any help or insight would be appreciated.



Shane Feirer