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Application Authentication Issues with Portal 10.3.1 using OAuth

Question asked by jay.gregory on Apr 8, 2016

I am banging my head against the wall trying to resolve how to get my application to work with OAuth and Portal 10.3.1 and would love if anyone has any suggestions...


I have implemented OAuth App Login for my page mainly using the example at OAuth Popup | ArcGIS API for JavaScript


My map only loads one layer, but I would prefer to keep that layer available to all users (In Portal and other apps).  It is the specific use in my application of that layer that I would like to secure. 


After registering my application in my Portal,  if I set the sharing of my Application to a specific group (lets call it Group A), and then try to login to my app as a Portal user who is NOT a member of Group A, the login works!!  But it shouldn't work right?  I should be able to secure an item at the Application level, not the resource level below it. 


Although I could always implement User login and secure the actual service/layer that is loaded into the map, but like I mentioned I would only like to secure the Application itself, not the endpoints of any layer I want to include  It makes maintenance much easier, and makes more business sense.  Attached is my page for testing - would love if anyone could help me work through this.