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Add OGC WMS Layer from Cubewerx using SSL TLS and Basic HTTP Authentication

Question asked by BrianT_SCIC on Apr 7, 2016

Title says it all. The WMS map service I want to consume is a basemap of ortho imagery. Its hosted on an external Cubewerx server that we don't control but have an agreement with a group for the imagery software assets. Its exposed over SSL and the server makes use of basic http authentication. Cubewerx claims OGC standards. So does ArcGIS Server. But they don't appear to be playing nice.


Can it be done?


The base layer class doesn't appear to support the ability to supply credentials within the JS object to affect the header request directly...Though I wonder if I could find the method to extend to do that. What actually does that HTTP request?


I'm coming at this from a few angles, but ultimately I'm looking for a solution that will work for Portal for ArcGIS or some modification of WebAppBuilder. But right now I'm just breaking it down to the ArcGIS JS api to see if its even feasible.