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What is my easiest option to create Isochrones?

Question asked by SuperLoehr on Apr 7, 2016
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one of our Clients has to create Isochrones for a set of Points (~30) in a City.

It is a one-time-project and he has to do it only for one city.


The Client has ArcGIS Desktop Standard and ArcGIS Server enterprise Standard. No Modules like Network analyst at the moment.


What is the easiest way for him to create some Isochrones?

Get a Test Installation of Network analyst? How can he get the road network for his city?


Is there an option via ArcGIS Online? He doesn't use it at the moment, but could activate it.


(Blasphemy warning)

Or is there another easy option aside from Esri? Open Street Map or something?


The goal is to minimize the effort, especially for creating a road network etc.