Network Analyst: Location Allocation Out of Memory

05-03-2016 07:44 PM
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i am trying to run a location allocation-minimize facility with 77 facilities and 386,221 demand points.  It run for about 10 minutes, but then I get and out of memory error message.  I see from other threads that this is common issue for network analysts and say that there is a way to excute a work around through chunking by changing some of the setting in the registry.  However, I was about to find the correct registry option to change for my particular problem.  Any sugesstions are welcome. best

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are you referring to this post with its dead link for an much older version of arcmap AcrGIS 10 Network Analyst Service Area "Insufficient Memory" Error

If so, no clue what they proposed, but tiling you space to areas where there is a reasonable expectation of solving the problem might be in order.  There is little chance that the number of facilities and the points you are using will be solved in a reasonable amount of time or given available computer resources.  Is it not possible to focus your problem to a narrow set of constraints?  Are all 77 facilities of the same type for instance.

In any event, you may have to limit you analysis spatially or by attribute in the first instance.

Location-allocation analysis—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

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