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Why would getAppList fail?

Question asked by bokeefe on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2019 by ord5206

So I spent that last part of Friday updating Google Analytics for all of our maps. I opened and interacted with WAB 1.3 a couple of times but nothing serious. Then this morning I come in, I check the Developer Site for the WAB and see that 2.0 got released. But I wanted to export my 1.3 maps first to ZIP.


When I tried to open 1.3 I get "getAppList failed!"


I didn't have 2.0 on my system. I do not. I figured, oh well, I can just reconfigure the two maps that I need for now. I keep a working copy of all past installs of WAB in folders named for their version. With the HOPE that if I ever needed, I could go back and work in those environments, in case I needed to.


Any ideas what could cause 'getAppList' to fail, especially since I didn't do anything with WAB that SHOULD have caused issues?