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Java Web Application help

Question asked by cwoldorf on Apr 4, 2016

What's the best way to show content that changes on a map (i.e., locations affected by an event) in a "dated" web application written in Java (Struts with JSP), JQuery, AJAX, on a Websphere app server over an Oracle DB ?

The Java SDK seems to be only for desktop applications -- plus the download is for 10.2.4 and our license is for 10.2.3.

The JavaScript API (with Dojo) doesn't seem to work with the JSP (though I might not have it configured properly-- the standalone html seems to work okay in Chrome but the client is only using IE 11+ for their intranet applications and I can't get the same html to work with a jsp:include tag to embed it in a page).

If anyone can provide an answer to help a newbie to ArcGIS, I'd greatly appreciate it!