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Zoom to extent of Dynamic Layer (that has a def expression)

Question asked by pforbess on Nov 30, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by kirstenlawrence74
I don't see any methods that zoom to the extent of a Dynamic layer. Am I missing it somewhere?

What I'm doing is filtering a arcgisdynamicmapservice layer by adding a definition expression, and then would like the map to zoom to the extent of the definition expression. I know in ArcMap, when you right click a layer and choose 'zoom to layer', it honors the definition expression, so I would assume that ArcGIS Server would also do this. But, doesn't seem to be any way in the Javascript API to zoom to the extent of a Dynamic Layer anyway?

The layers I'm using are way too large - so I can't convert them to graphics and then zoom because of performance (potentially i need to zoom to the extent of 100,000 points).