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Calcite Theme css files different on CDN then when built from Bower build of 3.16 JS API

Question asked by jay.gregory on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2016 by odoe

I'm working on a bower / grunt build of the ArcGIS API 3.16 using the new Calcite theme.  If I point my two requite css files (calcite.css and esri.css) at the CDN ( , and instead of my local build (esri/css/calcite/calcite.css and esri/css/esri.css), my app looks pretty normal.  However, if I use the built version of the css files after using grunt-dojo plugin for a custom build, my app doesn't look nearly as clean.  Some of the fonts are bigger, my pop-up windows are mangled, and I don't receive any of the fastfont errors associated with the CDN versions of the files.  Any ideas what is going on here (or who at Esri I can tweet at that might know).