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Question asked by flspat on Mar 23, 2016
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The help document for ExtractByPolygon ( states:


"A polygon (or polygons) that defines the area of the input raster to be extracted.

Each polygon part is a list of vertices defined by Point classes. Optionally a Polygon class can be used to define a list of polygon parts."


However the tool fails if the parameter is an arcpy.Polygon class. Is a polygon class really supported? It would be much easier than extracting out the points for the polygon part into a new list...


Also, the document seems to indicate that multiple polygons can be used at one time: See the first line of the parameter description and line below clearly shows a list of multiple lists


"form of the object is:

[[point(x1,y1), point(x2,y2), point(xn,yn), ..., point(x1,y1)], [point(x'1,y'1), point(x'2,y'2), point(x'n,y'n), ..., point(x'1,y'1)], ...]"


The tools fails when the list contains multiple lists of points.


Is the documentation wildly incorrect or the tool broken or am I using it correctly?