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Batch Feature Editing in ArcGIS Online Web App Builder

Question asked by yaneev on Mar 22, 2016
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I currently develop web pages via ArcGIS Online's web app builder so that people in my organization can update status logs. These status logs contain many lines or polygons. They are hosted in web apps created through the web app builder in ArcGIS online. These lines and polygons have "edit enabled" so they can update the status of attributes.


Question: currently, when accessing a site via a web browser, it appears that only a single line or polygon can be edited at a time. Multiple features can be selected, but not batch edited. This is not practical when a single-status-attribute of dozens of lines/polygons need to be changed since the user must do them one at a time (unless the map is re-published via Arc-Desktop)


Is there a way to enable batch edit attribute updates via a web browser for a web map created in ArcGIS Online?


A clip is attached showing how only 1 feature can be updated at a time.