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Print Widget: MapServices in TOC/Legend

Question asked by jamesfreddyc on Mar 23, 2016
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Is there any specific setting when publishing Map Services that will determine how they behave with other Map Services contained in the legend of the print widget?

For some reason, I have one map service that if included (set visible) all of the other map service layers are suddenly removed from the legend of the pdf output.  Removing that 1 map service (set invisible) and all of the other map services appear just fine in the legend of the pdf output.


WAB v1.3

Print Service mxd source detail:

  • Legend (in Layout View) is fixed in size to span total vertical size of layout.
  • Anchor point is Lower Left
  • All boxes checked in "Map Connection" section of the General tab of the Legend Properties dialog
  • (Layout tab of Legend Properties dialog) Gap sizes are set to 0.50 pt, Fitting strategy is set to Fixed Frame - Shrink Contents to fit frame and min font size 0.1 pt.


The other issue is that shrink contents to size and minimum font size doesn't seem to be honored by the print widget and map services just seem to not get added if there are too many in the legend of the print/output pdf.