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[JSON] Converting open ended field to fixed un-editable drop down menu field.

Question asked by Arlan.Henry on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by Arlan.Henry

I've created a geoform web app using ArcGIS Online which requires users to rate the severity of a problem from 1 - 5 and then locate the problem area on a web map.




The field where the score goes remains blank while it waits for the user to actually input the score with their keyboard. This basically resorts to relying on the honour system for user input.



JSON snippet



     "name": "Severity",

      "type": "esriFieldTypeInteger",

      "alias": "Severity Index",

      "sqlType": "sqlTypeInteger",

      "nullable": false,

      "editable": true,

      "domain": null,

      "defaultValue": null



I need to recode this section in order to control the user input by providing them with a drop down menu containing these values:



1 - Beginning of asphalt damage (barely noticeable)

2 - Minor inconvenience

3 - Deceptively deep (Puddle forming)

4 - Whoa! (Muh R@$$Ҥoⱡⱻ)

5 - Detrimental to vehicle suspension, traffic, safety, and health


Thank you in advance for your assistance.

If you need to see the entire JSON script then I'm willing to share it.