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Feature Table not refreshing at v3.16

Question asked by bdaigle on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by bdaigle

I am trying to upgrade to 3.16, but I'm having problems with changes in the featureTable dijit. At 3.15, the feature table would automatically update after the underlying feature layer updated.  This does not appear to be this case with the new version at 3.16.


Here are 2 jsFiddles that demonstrate the issue:

Feature Table Add 3.15 - JSFiddle

Feature Table Add 3.16 - JSFiddle


In the 3.15 version, the table refreshes after the new record is added.  In 3.16, I can't get the table to refresh without loading the page.


I noticed at 3.16 there is 'refresh' function, but it does not appear to have any affect.


Anyone know how to force a refresh?