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QML - Getting GPS data from COM port?

Question asked by WrightWebber on Mar 16, 2016
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I am working on a QML application that utilizes QtPositioning 5.3 to grab the location of the device to display and orient the map etc.  This is working great on the iPhone and iPad.  However, for the Windows all in one tablet (Motion) the GPS is set on a COM port.  As a result, I can't see any GPS info in my QML app when I build for the Windows device.   Now - I can see all the data I want using the Serial Port GPS C++ sample from the QTSample Application but am not doing well getting access to that same feed from within my QML application.


Has anyone successfully utilized the C++ serial Port GPS sample from within a QML application?  Suggestions for alternatives on how to listen to the COM port from QML are also welcome.   If I can grab the NMEA string then I can handle it from there.