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Problem with Graphics Layer and Map Rotation in Javascript 4 beta...

Question asked by trails202 on Mar 16, 2016

When using a MapView and 2D rotation in the API 4 beta, with a graphics layer drawn on the map, graphics layers are cut off on the edges.  The problem is less pronounces with square maps and worsens as the aspect ratio becomes more extreme.  You can observe this in the Javascript Beta sample for working with graphics layers by rotating the map to something other than perfectly N, S, E, or W and then panning the map.  The Graphics are cut off before the edge of the map.  In my map, the aspect ratio is about 4:1, so the graphics only draw in a narrow band in the middle of the map - especially around 90 degree and 270 degree rotations.


I was asked to post this somewhere.  I hope this is the right place.