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Customizing header for tabbed story map

Question asked by jan.benson_noaa on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by GLAzou-esristaff

I used a tab story map on AGOL.  Now I realize I need to customize to fit into our agency web page.  I downloaded the app from  Under the instructions it sates to go to app/config.js and located the LAYOUT property to edit the following lines with the desired colors.

themes: [


    name: "tab-default-1",

    // Group of matching theme across layout

    group: "default",

    themeMajor: "white",

    // Header background

    header: "#28323A",



I do that changing the color to header: "#0053A4" from #6393BC, however the results are not changed.  I did check to see that I am under id:  ”tab” area.

The other problem I have is that a box for description appears for each of two tabs that have layers, but no content.  I read where if you don’t fill anything in, it will not appear.  However, I did not fill anything in and it appears.