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SVG SimpleMarkerSymbol Placement

Question asked by sarahclark on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by sarahclark

Hello - I need to place an SVG SimpleMarkerSymbol off-center. The symbol is a wind turbine and rather than center it on the point location I need to set the bottom of the symbol on that point. Otherwise it doesn't line-up with the road.


My current plan is to make a tiny mark in the SVG path to fake it's height enough that the turbine is correctly placed (create an empty space that is on center, but then the turbine bottom is positioned at the point). However the erroneous mark in the SVG is undesirable and I don't know how to set just that mark as transparent.


Is there any way to control where an SVG symbol is placed? Or is there a different marker for a wind turbine that places itself above the point location? Thanks for any ideas!