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Operations Dashboard: Get GraphicsLayer from MapWidgetProxy

Question asked by luis.rodriguezgonzalesri-es-esridist Employee on Mar 13, 2016



I want to develop a Map Tool for Operations Dashboard with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. I need get a GraphicsLayer from MapWidgetProxy, like with WPF SDK. This is the WPF code:

            // Find the AcceleratedDisplayLayers collection from the Map

            client.AcceleratedDisplayLayers acLayers = mapWidget.Map.Layers.FirstOrDefault(lyr => lyr is client.AcceleratedDisplayLayers) as client.AcceleratedDisplayLayers;



            // Retrieve the GraphicsLayer if required using the ID

            graphicsLayer = acLayers.ChildLayers[graphicsLayerID] as client.GraphicsLayer;


Is it posible to do something similar than the WPF code with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript?