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Resize and Reposition Map

Question asked by gopre400 on Mar 11, 2016
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I would like to resize and reposition map div and map after user clicks button. When page loads map is positioned to float right with taking up a certain % of page. I would like to reposition map to left and set size to specific #. I can move the map and resize, however the map layers do reposition in center. I'm sure I missing something. Here is my code...


onClick: function () {


$('#right_col').css("float", "left");

$('#right_col').css("width", "500px");

$('#right_col').css("height", "500px");

$('#map').css("float", "left");

$('#map').css("width", "500px");

$('#map').css("height", "500px");

map.width = 1000;

map.height = 500;