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Aerial tiles - REST/GET Download and store for offline use, but no developer / token variant for tiles?

Question asked by kokosnoot2k on Mar 9, 2016



I was happy to see the 'ExportTile' REST functionality, such that it would be possible to export some tiles using a nice API:

I can create the REST request and everything nicely with a token, but unfortunately it seems to always return a TPK file (which I can unzip) but then contains not what I was hoping for: another strange format. For my application I would really like to have JPG/PNG files in the usual /zoomlevel/x/y.png format, as I am bound to some limitations of my project (using Mono .Net < v4.0). I cannot include custom DLL's. It is a standalone experimentation project.


Ofcourse getting base images is quite easy to do, as I just need to get the tiles from a Tile URL:

and then keep these cached in a small database such as SQLite, files will only be requested once for a long long time. It might only be a few dozens of tiles per month.


Unfortunately, this is not conform the terms of which is rather unfortunate. As a programmer I do not want to interfere with such terms /too/ much , as I am well aware of work that goes into development. Tiles will not be distributed except for (efficiently) stored in a Sqlite DB or texture atlas.


So now I am not sure how to continue, as for me it is impossible to use the "Esri Content Packages" which I assume as some of the development kits that can be found on the site.


But perhaps I am overlooking some of the site information, as I get quite some redirects because the site has changed. Does anyone have a clue?


Apologies for the long message, I just wanted to make the problem clear . I cannot imagine that I am the only one that is experiencing this issue. Maybe I am just using the REST API incorrectly. I thought "Exploded' instead of compact for the file type would work, but it does not unfortunately.


Thank you in advance, any help appreciated!


Note: I am putting this in Web development as it is rather web API related, and this group seems to have more activity.