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How do you create a feature service with a layer with an ESRI_FIELD_TYPE_SINGLE attribute?

Question asked by jamesbag_1spatial on Mar 9, 2016



I need to test against a feature service with a layer with an attribute of type ESRI_FIELD_TYPE_SINGLE.

Current approach is to publish to ArcGIS for Server from ArcMap.

I have tried creating a new AttributeTable in ArcMap with a Float attribute. However, my SDE geodatabase is backed by Oracle, which translates Float into a non-zero precision NUMBER type. This is read by ArcMap as a Double, and published as an ESRI_FIELD_TYPE_DOUBLE.


Is there a way to trick ArcMap into publishing a Float attribute? Is it even ArcMap that is the problem, or is the ESRI_xyz field type worked out server-side?

Do I need to use a different database type? Is there a previous version of ArcMap that allows you to do this? Is it even possible to publish an attribute with this type?


All the ESRI software mentioned is 10.3.1.


Thanks in advance!