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How to animate geographic data through "TimeTab" using ArcMap Sample file attached.

Question asked by vamsikrishna.boppana on Mar 7, 2016


How to animate geographic data through "Time Tab" using arc map. I Have tried some concepts. But only it is taking when the time data is in single field or single column or it is taking when we give starting time and ending time" those two options is available in Time tab".. Example: see the sample xls file attached. I need complete history of the tree growing. like "how the height of tree increasing month wise. for example if we take One tree height is "15ft" in Jan-2002 and feb-2002 the height is "16ft" and mar-2002 the height is "17ft" and soon. These kind of data can we animate or "Visualizing Time in Arc Map" Can any one help me out regarding this type of data.




Thanks in advance