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Does indexing help the Query widget?

Question asked by jgormont on Mar 4, 2016
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We are just creating our first webmap for the public and would like people to be able to search their address using our data rather than the Base Map. Since we are a County office, the address layer includes over 25,000 records. The Query widget does work on this layer, but often freezes up or stops providing the drop down of the results (see photo). Since this is for the public and most people who use the internet assume the site is broken if a search doesn't work instantly, we would love to find a way to get the Query widget to work every time.


My main question is, would indexing the address field help at all? The address layer is edited quite often and everything I've found says you shouldn't index a field that is edited a lot, because it will slow down the editing process, which we would like to avoid. But we really need to find a way to make the Query work every time. Would indexing actually help in this case? Does this even sound like the problem is caused by the size of the layer or do you think it might be a network issue?


Please note: I don't know coding at all, really. So coding suggestions, unless worded for true beginners, probably won't help much, sorry.